TechXplanation: We road-test Microsoft 10 6 years ago

TechXplanation: We road-test Microsoft 10

Welcome to JOE’s weekly TechXplanation, where we take the most talked about pieces of tech/apps and give you the knowledge.

This week we look at Microsoft 10.


So what is it?

Microsoft 10 is a combination of all the good stuff from Windows 7 and a number of advanced features from Windows 8.1.

JOE road-tested Windows 10 this week and its big strength is its ease of use. The Start menu is back, gaming is more accessible, the app store is universal and a new feature called Continuum allows the software to interact with your device. It also has a new web browser to finally put to bed the much maligned old school Internet Explorer.

Why is it in the news?

It is the latest installment of Windows and it is free. Set for release tomorrow, July 29, it is hotly anticipated and expected to do well in the market.

Why should I be using it?


One of the main features of the new system is that all devices are now connected on one eco-system which means you can share your content/apps/files easily across all. Apple have led the way in this area with iCloud but Microsoft are keen to point out their system is more intuitive and easier to use.



Zilch, nadda, nothing. This latest feature is 100 per cent free.

What's the alternative?


Depending on your choice of computer the options are limited. Microsoft is one of the main operating systems out there for computers unless you are on the Apple system which has its own system OS X, currently on the El Capitan system update.