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21st Jan 2015

The 10 most used buzzwords that Irish people use on LinkedIn

*JOE immediately edits their LinkedIn page*

Joe Harrington

But we are motivated, enthusiastic and passionate.

If you’re looking for a job these days, you’ll more than likely have a look on LinkedIn because it’s fast becoming your best bet to find the gig you’re looking for.

LinkedIn is basically an online CV, so there are a lot of lies vague words and terms up there that you think might impress a potential employer.

There are over one million LinkedIn users in Ireland, and the site today revealed the top 10 most used buzzwords by Irish people.

1. Motivated
2. Enthusiastic
3. Passionate
4. Driven
5. Track Record
6. Creative
7. Extensive Experience
8. Responsible
9. Communication Skills
10. Ambitious

All of those words are on your LinkedIn profile, aren’t they?

If you’re looking for advice, here’s how we open our LinkedIn profile description:

“We are motivated, driven and enthusiastic to use our passionate communication skills to add to your ambitious company.

“Our extensive experience will guarantee a responsible but creative work ethic, our track record ensures this.”


When do we start?