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18th Nov 2013

The Gardai will be using Twitter to send you alerts from now on


The Gardaí are amongst the list of government agencies across the UK & Ireland who have signed up to use the Twitter alerts service

Who says those lads in the Garda Síochána aren’t getting with the times? It seems that they are the first government agency here in Ireland to use the power of Twitter to its fullest by signing up for the alerts service.

From now on, if they feel the need to get some important information to their followers, they can tag a tweet with the hashtag #alert and it will be pushed to your phone with a notification to let you know what’s happening. The alert will appear on your notifications tab at the top of your phone, and will also appear with a special orange bell icon on your timeline in order to grab your attention.

twitter alerts

Users can also subscribe with a phone number to the account so you’ll get a text message about alerts, but make sure to change your privacy settings or else your phone number will be visible to other Twitter users. Other agencies that can sign up for the alerts service are public safety agencies, city governments and NGOs.

We’re looking forward to the Gardaí tagging only the most important of tweets, like that time during the transfer window when they said Ronaldo would be coming back to United. Still waiting on that one lads.

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