The latest Call of Duty has already raked in $1 billion and other stuff you need to know 9 years ago

The latest Call of Duty has already raked in $1 billion and other stuff you need to know

Well, that didn't take too long...

Given what a huge franchise this game has become over the span of this generation of consoles, it should come as no surprise that Call of Duty: Ghosts has already made a big pile of money.


The exact size of the pile? Well, in the words of Dr. Evil, "one billion dollars!". That statistic might be slightly misleading though, as it seems that isn't the number sold, rather how much stock the fellas at Activision pushed into the market to meet what they saw as the demand for the title.

As it stands and until we hear any differently in terms of facts and figures, GTA V is still the kingpin with a huge pile of world records to its name after its blockbuster sales.

Activision also seem to be cutting back on the budget for animating new parts of the story mode, as this video (which has gone pretty viral) shows that they have copy and pasted the ending of Modern Warfare 2 in to the latest title.


In their defence, we're pretty sure that like us, everyone plays the story mode for about six minutes before going online and throwing knives around the place, so they were probably just testing us to see did anyone even notice. We did, as it turns out.

Anyway, one more thing before we go, here's a quick look at the next-gen version of Ghosts versus the current-gen, which the lads over at IGN put together.

It's certainly an improvement on the graphics front we'll admit, but there's plenty more to come down the line with physics and motion too, as we learned in our own hands on with the Xbox One earlier this month.