The most popular words that men and women use in Facebook posts are a bit bonkers 6 years ago

The most popular words that men and women use in Facebook posts are a bit bonkers

Gender differences are perfectly summarised.

The introduction of Facebook memories means that we're now able to view all of those cringy and nostalgic updates from a few years ago - remember when everyone used to write in the third-person? - but a recent study has discovered that the majority of Facebook users are actually prone to using the same words in their posts.


After being given permission to view the statuses of over 65,000 Facebook users, that's 10 million posts in total,  a senior lecturer at the Center for Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne has discovered that there's a vast difference between the words, messages and tones that men and women used in their updates.

The research discovered that women are more likely to use warmer, gentler and kinder words in their status updates. Men are more prone to swear, express anger and use confrontational language. You don't f**ing say!


The most commonly used words by women include; “wonderful,” “happy,” “birthday,” “daughter,” “baby,” “excited”, "love",“thankful.” The research also stated that women are more likely to discuss their family and social life.


Men are very different though because they're more focused on topics that are closely related to money, work and competition. It's not surprising then to see that politics, sports and video games featured prominently.

Some of the most common words that men used include; “freedom,” “liberty,” “win,” “lose,” “battle” and “enemy.”

The more you know.


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