The most timeless songs on Spotify have been revealed 5 years ago

The most timeless songs on Spotify have been revealed

This makes for very interesting reading...

Data scientist Matt Daniels of Polygraph has been studying some Spotify data from 2014 and has come up with the most timeless music on the music streaming site.

It's always been quite difficult to judge the enduring popularity of a song or album because its sales only give an indication of its popularity upon its release and after that, it's impossible to tell how often the people who bought the album or song replay it.

Spotify has given us a window into this previously undiscovered universe of music popularity. It allows us to see which songs have stood the test of time and which have faded away worse than your blue jeans after a couple of high temperature washes.

Which is the most popularity '90s song you may ask? Well, the gong would go to 'Smells like Teen Spirit' by Nirvana which has proved the prophetic words of Arnold Schwarzenegger to be true, "old, not obsolete".

Below is a little screen grab of the graphic that Daniels produced, but if you want to use his interactive infographic, you can do so by clicking here.


This is just the tip of iceberg as Daniels has also created a searchable table that outlines the top played tracks on Spotify that were released between 1950-2005.


There's even more research on his site that you can visit here, but we must say we were quite surprised that Mr Brightside snuck in there at number two even though we do love the song.

Are you surprised by the enduring popularity of 'Smells like Teen Spirit' and indeed any of the other songs that made the list?

Hat-tip to Mashable.