The original GTA map is being remade in 3D 9 years ago

The original GTA map is being remade in 3D

Get ready to feel nostalgic as you look at some very retro gaming memories brought back to life

Already bored of Grand Theft Auto V? Want something a bit more retro? Well then no to worry, as the original Grand Theft Auto is being remade in 3D.


GTA old screen 1

Or at least, the original map of Liberty City from the very first game way back in 1997. We feel old. According to Digital Spy, Michael Dailly, who was one of the creators of the hugely popular series, is remodelling the original map in all the glory of three dimensions.

gta old screen 2

Dailly, (who you can follow on Twitter here to keep up with all the updates) rebuilt the maps from scratch and then rendered them into 3D, and while he has no plans to make them playable yet, he must surely have some plans for what he intends to with it in the future.


Hat-tip to for the pic and Digital Spy.