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09th Oct 2016

There’s one simple trick to fix your “Ducking” autocorrect problem


Quick question: how often do you use a sentence with the word “ducking” in it?

*looks across room for a show of hands*

Right, one person in the corner who does Tough Muddler a lot and has to dive under obstacles, but not that many.

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iPhone’s autocorrect system is a wonderful system for making us all seem smart and spell words we normally struggle with (shoutout to ‘necessary’ and ‘shenanigans’, you pesky triple word score Scrabble titans), but the systems refusal to let you ducking swear is a load of ducking shit.

But thanks to internet vulgarian Steven Thrasher, iPhone users will soon be able to swear to their heart’s content.

This week, Steven let slip an easy method to bypass Apple software’s swear filter. All you have to do is add a contact named “Fuck Fucker,” or “Fucked Fucking” to your phone.

According to Steven, the method means every time you go to use your curse word of choice, your phone will think you’re using a contact name instead of a ducking swear word.

(It is at this point that we remind you that you could just add words to the iPhone’s dictionary via keyboard settings, but this is a far easier way to get your ducking words out, so we advise you to thank Steven for his lovely suggestion.)

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