This genius new ‘Party Pooper’ app lets you veto songs at house parties 5 years ago

This genius new ‘Party Pooper’ app lets you veto songs at house parties

This is going to be a game changer.

There’s a new app on the market that’s going to come in extremely handy at your next house party.

Party Pooper is the app in question and it has been created by the good folk behind Ustwo, the same app developers that created Monument Valley – which you may remember as the app where President Underwood read Tom Yates compelling user review in House of Cards.

According to NME: “The app allows you to vote for songs to be played in real-time and veto the choices made by others.”

Sounds like a great idea, right? Users will need to have a Spotify account for the Party Pooper app to work, but the good news is that Party Pooper is free in both the App Store and on Google Play.


Here’s what Ustwo have to say about the app: “Party Pooper is a social music experiment for your mobile device. Using the element of surprise and unique voting system, your tastemaker skills are tested in real-time for the ultimate democratic music experience.”

"Create multiple channels for your different needs and scenarios and invite your friends along for the ride. With the featured chat in the app you are able to gather around the music in a whole new way."