This gruesome online headphones review has gone viral 6 years ago

This gruesome online headphones review has gone viral

These headphones work, but at what cost?

As the girls over at insist, you don't go shopping online until you read the reviews first.


With that in mind, people have been sharing this review of a pair of noise-cancelling earphones that recently appeared on Amazon.

It turns out the headphones are so good that they can block out the sound of a man being stabbed.

It reads: "According to the cop who interviewed us, the attacker rang the upstairs doorbell, and when the guy answered the attacker forced his way in and stabbed the guy.

"You want to know what scary part is? I didn't hear a thing, thanks to my amazing HyperX Cloud 2 headphones."



Things go from the bizarre to the downright sick in another review, posted later, leading us to believe that this all a fairly sick marketing tactic.

Amazon user Francis Santos-Viola replied: “I disagree.

"A few weeks ago a man got thrown out of the window of the apartment directly above mine, and my pair of HyperX Cloud 2 headphones was not able to cancel out the sounds of the window breaking and the man's neighbor crying out for his friend to wake up.”