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06th Jul 2016

This is how you find out if some sneaky bast*rd has deleted or blocked you on Snapchat

Colm Boohig

Try not to cry.

You can tell when someone is on Snapchat without seeing their phone screen just by the pose they’re striking, but it’s not as clear to discover which scallywag has blocked or deleted you.

suspicious dog

According to TechInsider, there is a method to find out what most would rather not know, and it’s fairly straightforward.

It’s all down to whether you can see the person’s Snap score (the total number of images and videos received and sent) after searching for them.

TI Snap

Image via TechInsider

If you search for the contact and are able to see their score, then you’re bros/hos for life.

But, if there’s nothing to see in that department and their score is concealed from view, then it’s bad news on that front, because the person has either blocked, deleted or never followed you in the first place.

tech insider

We think we’ll go along the lines of ‘ignorance is bliss’ on this one.

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