This Netflix 'commitment ring' needs to be stopped at all costs 6 years ago

This Netflix 'commitment ring' needs to be stopped at all costs

No. No no no.

There's a thing called 'Netflix binge cheating', which is another way of saying that you sneakily watch a show while your partner is out and later pretend that you're seeing it for the first time.


We've all done it, let's be honest.

We've all watched a couple of episodes of Peaky Blinders ahead and gone back to 'Start from Beginning', just to throw the girlfriend or the boyfriend or the husband or the wife off the scent.

Well, some crowd called Cornetto have come along to mess with a perfect system.

It's called a TV series commitment ring, and it must be stopped at all costs.



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How does it work? Both you and your partner wear one and link it to the series of your choice through an app.

When the rings are in close proximity to each other, the app can sense it and it can then unblock the series.


If you're not together, though, you'll be stuck watching Nationwide.


The rings are not yet available to buy, although you can register your interest here.

Or you can keep some semblance of dignity.