Three Ireland will not re-introduce UK roaming charges after Brexit 3 years ago

Three Ireland will not re-introduce UK roaming charges after Brexit

Deal or no deal, there will be no extra charge.

Given the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, plenty of Irish people have a plethora of questions and issues that need to be answered.


As far as roaming charges are concerned, Three Ireland have moved to allay any concerns about the situation in the United Kingdom, particularly for customers who travel between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland on a regular basis.

In a statement on Wednesday, Three Ireland said: "We’re happy to announce that we’ve committed to offering the same benefits to our customers when roaming in the UK after Brexit."

The company's stance on roaming charges will remain the same regardless of the manner of Brexit, even if a no-deal scenario occurs.

Speaking to RTÉ, Robert Finnegan, CEO of Three Ireland, said: "Brexit is causing a lot of uncertainty in Ireland amongst businesses and consumers. The reintroduction of roaming charges is a real concern, especially for those living in border areas and for customers who travel regularly to the UK.


"We are taking the industry lead on this issue and giving the assurance to our customers that the roaming experience that they have in the UK today will continue after Brexit, whatever shape that takes."

Three UK has made the same commitment for its customers travelling to Ireland.