These are the top 10 most hated words and phrases on social media in 2017 9 months ago

These are the top 10 most hated words and phrases on social media in 2017

At this point, it's fair to say that very few of us would actually be able to survive without access to social media.

Nevertheless, there's still plenty on our timelines and newsfeeds to angry up the blood.

A study of 2000 adults revealed trends in the words and phrases that people get most angry about when they appear on their laptop of smartphone screens.

In order of how many people reported a dislike of the phrases, this is the list of 2017's most hated social media phrases:

  1. Fake news
  2. Trash
  3. Snowflake
  4. Empowering
  5. I'm screaming
  6. Woke
  7. Hold my beer
  8. Let that sink in
  9. GOAT
  10. Lowkey

However, even though fewer people hated "Let that sink in" than, for example, "I'm screaming," the people who did hate "Let that sink in" hated it the most intensely of all the phrases on the list. People on social media usually say "Let that sink in" to accompany a particularly shocking statistic or fact.

"I'm screaming," on the other hand, is generally used by people who are trying to communicate that they have been surprised by something. Those people are usually not screaming at all.

Other terms that our less social-media savvy readers might find confusing are GOAT (which stands for "greatest of all time"), or "woke" which is a popular term for referring to somebody who is actively socially conscious.