Here's how you can see tweets in chronological order again 10 months ago

Here's how you can see tweets in chronological order again

This has annoyed a lot of people in the past.

In 2016 Twitter decided to change the way that tweets appear on the timeline.

Back in the day tweets used to show up chronologically and all was right with the world.

But in the ever-changing world of social media, things didn't stay that way forever...

Nowadays tweets can show up in a 'best tweets first' format.

The new algorithm favours those tweets that have already received more retweets and likes, and makes it so that they appear higher in the timeline.

This upset a lot of Twitter users as it meant you might end up seeing the same old tweets over and over again.

It also meant that tweets from famous accounts would get more traction than they already did, and lesser accounts would be somewhat buried by the rest.

Well, there is finally a way to fix this.

And it's quite easy.

  • Open the Twitter app and click on your profile image.
  • Select the 'Settings and privacy' option, then Content preferences.
  • Twitter will have 'show me the best tweets' checked - you will need to uncheck it.

Job done.


In a series of tweets on Wednesday, the official Twitter account announced the news.


Job done!