Twitter is testing out some new additions and one of them seems like a terrible idea 3 years ago

Twitter is testing out some new additions and one of them seems like a terrible idea

We absolutely DO NOT want this.

Twitter has made some changes lately, and while some of them were initially met with hesitation - we're thinking of when they announced the character count was going to be doubled from 140 to 280 - we all eventually came round to the idea.


However, this week there have been some new additions that are being tested out on the platform, and while one of them seems like it could be useful, the other is something that we can't imagine anybody would really want.

Twitter’s director of product management Sara Haider tweeted out a screengrab of the new changes, and asked for her fellow Twitterers to send her on some feedback:

In the images, we can see that they are testing out threaded replies inside conversations, which can help clean up any conversations you might have on there, making the whole thing much easier to follow.

However, the other big change is status indicators, which will essentially let everyone else on Twitter know if you're on the app right now, so there will be no more "Oh, sorry I didn't reply, I didn't see your tweet", because now everyone will know that you actually did.

This addition has already been added to Facebook and Instagram, so really Twitter was the last big social media platform online that we could go on without worrying people would immediately message you with a "Hey, you're here, let's chat!" message out of the blue.


While that might mean less to the likes of us normies, anyone in any kind of position of power - we're looking at everyone from Trump to Kim Kardashian to Elon Musk - will have their every log-in and log-off of the app witnessed by their millions of followers.

So what do you reckon? Do these changes work for you, or do you think they won't make much of a difference at all?