Video: Another sneak peek at FIFA 14 has arrived 10 years ago

Video: Another sneak peek at FIFA 14 has arrived

As we inch closer to the release date for everyone's favourite football franchise, we have another sneak peek at how the game will look


One of the big changes that Electronic Arts has promised across its sports titles this year is the fact that the ball physics will be very different to what we've previously seen in other years.

This trailer gives us a quick look at how that might work, and the two newest ideas which they're calling 'Pure Shot' and 'Real Ball Physics'. We'll admit the former has a catchier name...

As is explained in the trailer, not only will players shape to hit the ball differently when they shoot (which means they seem to have gotten rid of that annoying half step the computer takes before you hit your shot) but the ball will also travel completely differently, meaning that we, for one, will be playing almost every pass with the outside of the boot.