Video: Check out the first game play footage from Mortal Kombat X 8 years ago

Video: Check out the first game play footage from Mortal Kombat X


The next instalment of the Mortal Kombat franchise won’t be released until next year, but this first glimpse of the gameplay footage has just cranked the excitement levels in JOE towers up to fever pitch.


JOE already brought you news about the first trailer for the beat-em-up but makers NetherRealm Studios have just debuted the Raiden reveal trailer for Mortal Kombat x.

Raiden will have three different variations - Displacer, Storm Lord, and the tentatively-titled Thunder God Raiden. Note, this footage isn't for the squeamish amongst you but you already knew that; it's Mortal Kombat after all.

It has been three years since the last Mortal Kombat was released back in 2011 and the latest edition will be the 19th version of the game to be released across various different platforms.


There’s not much more info about the game just yet, but you can keep up to date with everything Mortal Kombat X over on the official Mortal Kombat website.

What about that fatality though? Shades of The Mountain vs The Red Viper in Game of Thrones.

All of a sudden JOE feels the urge to listen to this.


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