Video: Check out the latest trailer for Pro Evo 2014 10 years ago

Video: Check out the latest trailer for Pro Evo 2014

The latest trailer for Pro Evolution 2014 gives us a look at the various (and extensive) career modes


FIFA or Pro, that is the question. Of course, you can do what JOE does and just get both and then never leave the house, which is a pretty solid option we think.

Anyway, this year's Pro Evolution Master League looks very impressive from this latest trailer, which allows you to start a managerial career and move between continents, as well as rising to the top and taking on international management jobs, just like our good mate Giovanni Trapattoni.

We also get a look at the 'Become a Legend' mode, where you can now choose to be a goalkeeper, which we hope also includes the option to take the penalties and free kicks.

There's plenty of information about the online Master League too, which will be divided into several different groups depending on style of play, and there will be a new budget restriction which you'll have to work within. However, once you've made your fortune you can head to the Galacticos league and take on the best, with no budget to worry about.