Video: Check out these awesome ‘Hi-tech’ Halloween costume ideas 7 years ago

Video: Check out these awesome ‘Hi-tech’ Halloween costume ideas

Instead of dressing up as a spooky ghost or sexy nurse (don’t lie, you were contemplating it), check out these deadly ‘Hi-tech’ Halloween costume ideas.

The popular YouTube user Mark Rober has given us some brilliant ideas for this year’s office Halloween party and now, instead of dressing up as plain old boring Iron Man, we’re now going to dress up as Iron Man with a working Arc Reactor. Trust us, there’s a MASSIVE difference…


Okay, so it’s not an actual Arc Reactor, obviously. Instead, the ‘Arc Reactor’ that we’ll be using is actually just your average run of the mill smartphone that’s capable of running an easily downloadable app.

You can check out all the other smartphone-inspired Halloween costumes in the video below and if you see something you like, then head over to where you can buy loads of deadly costumes.

You can also download the apps via the links below…

App Store
Google Play