Video: GTA V gets the unofficial Mythbusters treatment 10 years ago

Video: GTA V gets the unofficial Mythbusters treatment

This video will help you on your quest to becoming GTA V’s most notorious criminal. Well, maybe not, but at least it will help to get the cops off your tail…

GTA V meets the Mythbusters (unofficially, of course) in this short video as the lads from Defend The House run though a few GTA V myths that some gamers have been pondering since last Tuesday.


A lot of people have been wondering whether hiding in bushes will help to lose the cops, or if making police choppers follow you into the wind field will make them crash. Thankfully, those question and many more are answered in the video below.

If you haven’t had a chance to grab a copy of the game yet and you don’t want to spoil anything that GTA V has to throw at you, then you might want to give it a miss. Otherwise, prepare to learn a thing or two about GTA V...

If you liked what you just watched then you're in luck, as there are more 'GTA V Mythbusters' videos to come from the guys at Defend The House later in the month.