Video: Have you seen the invisible bicycle helmet yet? 6 years ago

Video: Have you seen the invisible bicycle helmet yet?

Those genius folks in Sweden have created the first invisible bicycle helmet

They brought us H&M and now they're bringing us the world's first invisible bicycle helmet. Well, at least that's what they're marketing it as, but for those of you out there who were always concerned about ruining their hair on the cycle into work, you need worry no more. You still have to worry about the wind and the rain we suppose.

The video builds up the idea behind the Hövding helmet pretty well and does a good job of making you wonder just how they came up with this and we won't spoil the ending (NO SPOILERS UHGHGHGHGHH) so sit back and enjoy.

It is a very cool concept, seems to work with all the testing they've done with crash test dummies and what not, and uses a lot of the technology that we have already so it comes as somewhat of a surprise that no one came up with it before. Anna and Terese explain their invention pretty well, so we'll let them take it from here.

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