Video: Is this one of the best video game adverts ever? 10 years ago

Video: Is this one of the best video game adverts ever?

We're tired of anodyne space marine/gangster video game adverts clogging up our TV time - let's hope more companies can follow Nintendo and Robin Williams lead instead.

That's right, the Oscar-winning actor lent this week's release of the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D remake of the Nintendo 64 classic the kind of starpower gaming adverts could not only dream of.


Not only is the Hollywood legend a huge fan of the 25-year-old Nintendo series, he and his wife even named his 21-year-old daughter Zelda after the titular princess of the fantasy adventure franchise.

With the Nintendo 3DS handheld remake of the 13-year-old classic Ocarina hitting shelves this weekend, both Robin and Zelda appeared in one of the most heartwarming and personal video game adverts we've ever seen. Take a look below but try not to be too distracted by Robin's incredible Santa-like beard:

The family also star in an extended look at their connection to the franchise, with Robin joking of how things would have turned out if he had named his daughter after hero Link's horse from Ocarina of Time, Epona:

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D leaps into stores this Friday, while we at JOE will be sure to bring you a full review of the biggest game in the 3DS' short lifespan at the beginning of next week.