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14th Nov 2013

Video: More myths have been busted in GTA V

This should keep GTA gamers busy...

Oisin Collins

This should keep GTA gamers busy…

We’re sure the majority of GTA V gamers have pretty much done everything there is to do in the game, from jumping out of helicopters and stealing jumbo jets in mid air, to setting people alight with your car’s backfire.

Thanks to the GTA$500,000 stimulus package received last week, everyone and their granny now has a pimped out ride and a plush condo in high-rise Los Santos, so for some gamers there’s not that much left to do to keep things fresh and new.

Thankfully, the lads at Defend The House have been creating GTA V Mythbusters videos and the latest one should keep you busy for a night or two. In the video, we get to see if the gate glitch will launch a plane and whether quickly switching characters in the main story will fix your car or not…

So sit back, relax and have your controller at the ready. For more GTA V Mythbusters videos, click here.

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