Video: Sony look back at some PlayStation 2 memories, and we include few of our own 8 years ago

Video: Sony look back at some PlayStation 2 memories, and we include few of our own

In the run up to the release of the PlayStation 4 later on this year, the lads at Sony have us looking back fondly on one of their previous consoles


As if we weren't excited enough about the release of the next-gen consoles, Sony have started a clever little campaign based around the hashtag #PlaystationMemories.

There are some great titles in the video here, including Killzone, a franchise which has since become a classic, Sly Cooper, and God of War. It almost has us dusting off the aul black box from up in the attic and lobbing in a few of our favourite games from back in the day.

The Getaway also features heavily, a game we did enjoy we have to say, but we also had great craic playing Driv3r on our PS2, so here are a few other titles we think they should have included.

Pro Evolution Soccer 6


Not one sports game made it into Sony's list, so we had to right that wrong with this absolute belter. Quite possibly the perfect football game, we loved the Master League (where we would always sign Bos when he appeared in the scouting list, and hang on to Stein & Ruskin from the original squad) and the International Challenge. Many a cheap Saturday night in was spent playing those game modes.


This was one of the most controversial video games ever released, so of course it came from the lads at Rockstar, who are always pushing boundaries. We played it, were slightly disturbed by it, but we seem to be alright now.



Devil May Cry

The first incarnation of this series of incredible games came on the PS2, and it started life as a Resident Evil title, before taking a bit of a radical turn. They changed the name, and this is what we got, which we're pretty happy with.

Grand Theft Auto III

This game was probably the reason we bought our PS2 in the first place. 3D carnage on the streets of Liberty City, it's iconic at this stage. While San Andreas and Vice City were also released on PS2, this bad boy did it first. The series gets better with every installment too, so GTA V promises to be incredible when it's released later this year.


Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

We're fairly sure everyone owned this game. If you didn't, you should go and buy an old (working) PS2 and get this game. Now.

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