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18th Feb 2014

Video: Street Fighter’s Ryu has a little bit of trouble explaining his famous catchphrases

This is one for gaming fans of a certain vintage...and fans of Saved By The Bell


This is one for gaming fans of a certain vintage…and fans of Saved By The Bell

Many an hour/day/school term was well spent sitting in front of the TV okaying Street Fighter II back in the day when we had hopes and dreams as children, but despite that we never did figure out what it was that he was saying when pulling off his sweet moves on the battlefield.

We twigged the ‘Hadouken’ part, but as for the rest, we were a little bit lost, and it seems like we weren’t the only ones. Played by Zack Morris aka Mark Paul Gosselar, Ryu is sat down before the broadcasting standards commission and has to come up with a way to explain what he’s saying when he does his trademark special manoeuvres, and it becomes pretty complicated.

If he can’t spell what he’s saying, there’s no chance that we can.

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