Video: The first FIFA 14 gameplay trailer is here 10 years ago

Video: The first FIFA 14 gameplay trailer is here

FIFA 14 is going to be one of the biggest games of the year no matter what, and this trailer has given us something to anticipate


We got some screenshots of the game a while back and were given some idea what it will look like, and we don't expect that this version is the fully finished one by any means, but it is great to get a glimpse at some game play.

At the moment though, the players still look a little bit square to us and the movement still looks a little rigid, but hopefully all that will be sorted before the final version arrives.

There's an emphasis on how the ball moves, offering more realistic goals and passes, and there also looks to be a focus on the outside of the boot pass, which we're particularly keen on here at JOE. Check out the lovely example from little Philippe Coutinho in the video, or the screamer from Mario Balotelli.

If we were Gareth Bale we'd be miffed though, they just keep showing him hitting the post. Obviously the trailer was made by an Arsenal fan.