Video: The GTA V online trailer is FINALLY here! 10 years ago

Video: The GTA V online trailer is FINALLY here!

Fans of the GTA franchise should get pretty excited about this video as it features everything that you’ll be able to do in GTA V Online. It’s everything we could have hoped for…


Rockstar wanted to bring the heart of GTA to an online platform and while previous online play in GTA IV was good, it was somewhat restrictive.

In GTA V Online you’ll be able to run around the vast expanse of Los Santos on your own or with a group of mates making friends and/or enemies as you go.

There’s plenty to do from staging heists, to buying real estate, cars and even planes. Oh, and you’ll even be able to play a spot of golf if it takes your fancy. No doubt there will be a worldwide scoreboard for the mini-game aspects of the game, at least we hope there will be.

According to the video above: “Rockstar will be constantly developing new content for you to play and enjoy” so expect lots of DLC to come out over the next year (hopefully a Red Dead Nightmare style expansion if we’re lucky!).


You’ll also be able to create your own missions, which you can upload for other people to play.

We have a feeling there's going to be a lot of  people calling in 'sick' when September 17 rolls around.