Video: The latest trailer for FIFA is here, showcasing all the latest features 10 years ago

Video: The latest trailer for FIFA is here, showcasing all the latest features

Following on from a few major announcements about FIFA 14 today, there was another trailer to whet our appetite.


Yet another trailer that teases us with more video from FIFA 14 as we eagerly await the game's release later this year, but that wasn't the only news from the lads at EA today.

They also announced a whole heap of legends who will appear in the new title, as well as new licences for the Brazilian national team, the Chilean Primera Division, new Italian & South American clubs as well as 18 clubs from Brazil's 1st division, making what was already a huge list of clubs to choose from even longer.

They also announced Co-Op Seasons, where you can play 2v2 ranked online play and climb to Division 1 with a friend, more in depth and broadcast-inspired stadium flyovers and pre-match ceremonies, which they dubbed the Living Worlds of FIFA, with 100 different cameras that can capture replays around the ground, as well as dynamic and continuous gameplay where players shout for ball boys to get the ball back into play as the clock winds down.

If you can't wait for the next-gen versions and want to get the game on your current console, all your achievements like seasons and virtual pro will carry over on to the next-gen when you do upgrade, so there's no need to worry there.


From what we're seeing today, this game looks like it may well be the most immersive football experience yet, and with a whole range of exclusives, including a free copy for the Xbox One owners, the lads at Microsoft might have just scored a win in the console wars with a pretty big title.