Video: The new trailer for FIFA 15 trailer looks class 7 years ago

Video: The new trailer for FIFA 15 trailer looks class

We are counting down the days in JOE Towers until the release of FIFA 15 (41 days to be exact), and we are even more excited having watched the latest goalkeeping trailer for the new game.

It has been revealed that goalkeepers in FIFA 15 will now look, move, and think like their real world counterparts, utilising new AI that allows them to anticipate shots and passes, move with positional awareness, and display an array of new animations… all good news for gaming fans.


Gamers will also be able to play home games from all 20 stadiums of the Premier League clubs, while chants from each ground have been recorded and will be used during the games.

These new additions sound amazing and JOE was lucky enough to get an advanced trial of the game of couple of months back which you can read all about here. The trailer itself shows has some amazing graphics and Tim Howard and Joe Hart look like real-life goalies in some of the truly breath-taking clips.

Does this trailer look sick or what?


Video via EA Sports FIFA.