Video: This guy has made a working Spider-Man web shooter 8 years ago

Video: This guy has made a working Spider-Man web shooter

Unfortunately his name is not Peter Parker


One Spider-Man fan in Germany (who has a thing for lasers) has made a web slinging device that actually works, in celebration of the launch of the new movie The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

The device is based on an electromagnetic coil shooter with a laser attached to assist aiming, and can be attached to the wrist. You can even shoot out a fishing line and reel in a target. Coupled with the rather fetching Spider-Man glove, the whole thing looks fairly convincing, although we can't advise that you try making your own at home.

Patrick Priebe (who shares the same initials as Peter Parker - suspicious?) is the man behind the device, and he told Mashable that he loves science fiction, and "seeing this type of technology on the screen just isn't enough. I've made a few coil guns before, so I used the same principles of physics and it was much more simple to make this time around".

He did add that it's not for sale however, and asking to buy it would be a waste of time, but that he can do custom builds on request though his site


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