Videos: Rockstar launches new GTA V ‘travelogue’ website 10 years ago

Videos: Rockstar launches new GTA V ‘travelogue’ website

The lads at Rockstar have set up a Los Santos travelogue website that features loads of new pictures, videos and info on the latest GTA location.

If you’re dying to play the latest instalment from the GTA franchise as much as we are, then you should really get on over to where you’ll find loads of info on the new game.


It features everything from teaser shots of the cars and planes you’ll be able to access in game, to the political campaign videos from the two state governor candidates, Sue Murry and Jock Cranley (featured below).

There’s plenty to check out over on the Rockstar website, with even more info to be added at a later date, so make sure to have a look if you’ve got a minute (or several) to spare.


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