Vine: Super Mario Bros recreated with food 9 years ago

Vine: Super Mario Bros recreated with food

If you spent many an hour as a kid playing Super Mario Bros., these Vines will bring back some great memories

For those of us out there with long enough memories or who are a bit long in the tooth, these Vines of old school Super Mario Bros will have us casting our minds back wistfully to the many days of youth spent playing these games.


From a Mario made of sweets jumping up to smash boxes made of crackers get some coins (pennies in this case), to clouds made of marshmallows, these clearly took a serious bit of work, but the end result is absolutely fantastic.

As Hunter Harrison, the creator of the Vines states, he's planning on making more, which we hope will be as brilliant as these. After watching them though, we're feeling both nostalgic and hungry.


Hat-tip to the lads at Mashable for the Vines