Virgin Mobile is giving unlimited data to all its customers until July 3 weeks ago

Virgin Mobile is giving unlimited data to all its customers until July

Good news.

Virgin Mobile has announced that it will give unlimited data to all customers on any of its plans.


The provider said all customers who have a data limit on their current plan will now become unlimited and those on unlimited plans will have the 80GB fair usage policy removed.

2020 saw customers increase their mobile data usage on the network by 47% due to a combination of working and schooling from home during the pandemic.

Virgin Mobile said the unlimited access to data on its plans will run until July, 18 2021.

“With the removal of any sort of data caps for our Virgin Mobile customers, today’s announcement should really help those who have come to rely on their phones to stay connected," Paul Higgins, Vice President of Commercial at Virgin Media said.

"The removal of the data limits and fair usage policy from our mobile plans means you don’t have to worry about using up all your data on video calls, streaming apps or web browsing while we all do our best to stay at home.

“After an unforgettable year, not only did we see our broadband customers consume 84% more information in December of 2020 than pre-Covid-19, we also saw a significant increase in demand on our mobile network. The unexpected shift towards working, living, learning and socialising from home drove record-breaking mobile traffic for Virgin Mobile customers with 47% more data being used than in 2019.

“Staying connected, informed, and entertained is more important than ever, and despite the additional demand and challenges we’ve faced last year, our network has played a key role in keeping the country connected to the things and people that matter most.”