New Vodafone technology to accelerate 5G rollout across 57 sites in 11 counties 3 months ago

New Vodafone technology to accelerate 5G rollout across 57 sites in 11 counties

5G is on the way.

Vodafone has become the first mobile operator in Ireland to attempt to speed up of the rollout of 5G coverage across the country.

The move by Vodafone is part of its trial of Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) technology.

In case you have never heard of DSS, it is a form of technology that will enable Vodafone to deliver both 4G and 5G on the same spectrum band using existing antenna infrastructure.

According to Vodafone, it will allow for a "smooth transition between the two technologies" as well as a "quicker, cost-effective" rollout, providing greater access to 5G services.

By the end of this month, DSS will be deployed to 57 sites across 11 counties – Cork, Cavan, Galway, Dublin, Roscommon, Kerry, Limerick, Meath, Mayo, Offaly and Wicklow.

Further plans to expand Vodafone’s 5G coverage across Ireland in the years ahead are also in place.

It is said that the technology will also provide further spectrum for 4G customers, bringing an improved data experience.

Vodafone Ireland Technology Director, Didier Clavero said: "We are delighted to be the first to bring this transformative technology solution to customers in Ireland, demonstrating our commitment to increasing the availability of 5G connectivity nationwide.

"The last few months have highlighted the important role mobile technology plays in our society and DSS will help us to bring 5G to more people in a faster and more efficient manner.

"This innovative technology will enhance the customer experience while also providing a platform for businesses to continue innovating and develop the 5G use cases for the future.”