Vodafone to refund 73,000 customers a total of €417,000 2 years ago

Vodafone to refund 73,000 customers a total of €417,000

Vodafone has committed to a number of steps to rectify the issue.

Vodafone is set to refund almost 73,000 customers in Ireland a total of €416,972 after it was found to have not complied with European Union regulations.


ComReg, Ireland's communication regulator, found that the network had not provided customers of its “Extra” Pay as You Go product with their contract on a durable medium for the period September 2016 until March 2018.

A durable medium is defined as any medium, including paper and e-mail which enables the customer to store the information addressed personally to them so that they may access it at a future time.

Under law, Vodafone is required to provide users with a contract on a "durable medium" setting out the terms and conditions of the contract.

It led to a situation where subscribers to the PAYG offerings who topped up by the tariff monthly price of €20 or €30 anytime during the 28 day offer, found that their offer reset and they would lose their remaining allowances.

ComReg has accepted a written commitment from Vodafone to the below points following the ComReg investigation:

  1. Vodafone will refund 72,774 customers that may, in the past, not have intended to reset their offer when they topped up. The total amount tobe refunded is €416,971.79.
  2. Vodafone will advise customers in their contract at the point of sale that their offer will reset if the customer tops up by the amount of the offer.
  3. Vodafone will amend the SMS sent to customers that top up by the amount of their offer to clearly inform the customer that their offer has been reset.