Warning issued over dangerous new Snapchat craze putting lives at risk 5 years ago

Warning issued over dangerous new Snapchat craze putting lives at risk

How thick do you have to be?

Police in the UK have been responding to a number of incidents regarding a dangerous new Snapchat craze among teens.


The 'Snapchat Challenge' has been encouraging youngsters to climb over motorway bridges, lean out dangerously and take photographs of speeding vehicles below.

According to the Manchester Evening News, police officers in Bury responded to three separate incidents on Monday night.

Inspector Jim Jones, of Bury Police, tweeted a warning to parents and children.

"Officers tonight have attended several incidents of people hanging off motorway bridges," Jones wrote on Twitter.


"Those spoken to claim it’s a Snapchat challenge to post pictures leaning over bridges. How irresponsible can you get. Please help nip this in the bud."

Road Safety Officer for the Mayo County Council Noel Gibbons said, “It’s usually the case that any such challenges which start on social media don’t take long to spread to Ireland with this age group , although we haven’t had any reported incidents in Ireland yet we want to nip it in the bud before it becomes the latest craze.

"We are appealing to parents of young teens to have a word with them to highlight that this type of behavior which is just an accident waiting to happen and lets prevent it before someone loses their life preforming this crazy stunt. It's putting their lives and the lives of passing motorists in danger."

Yep, it goes without saying, don't be an idiot. Don't do this.