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21st Oct 2016

WATCH: Ronnie O’Sullivan gives virtual reality pool a try; fails miserably and falls on his arse

Conor Heneghan

Somebody should have told Ronnie there’s no such thing as a virtual table.

Ronnie O’Sullivan is probably the most talented snooker player to ever pick up a cue, but those talents don’t seem to have transferred to the world of virtual reality pool.

Ronnie gave it a go in the US during the show, American Hustle, which sees him travel to the States to take on some of the notorious pool hustlers in the country.

Although the clip of Ronnie struggling to master virtual reality is a couple of months old at this stage, it was doing the rounds on Twitter on Thursday having been retweeted by Jamie Carragher amongst thousands of others.

And, to be fair, it will never get old. Sorry Ronnie, but we can’t help watching this over and over and over again.