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21st Dec 2019

WATCH: Someone has made the world’s first Star Wars protosaber

Alan Loughnane


It’s the closest thing to a lightsaber we’re likely to see.

Every Star Wars fan has, at some stage, pretended to wield a lightsaber. Usually this is through the use of sticks and your own sound effects, although some of you may have splashed out on real plastic lightsabers from a toy shop.

But one of the things which rarely comes up when discussing lightsabers is the fact that they’re as dangerous to the person wielding them as the person they’re fighting.

Also the amount of power it would take to make one makes them impractical and verges on scientifically impossible. A real lightsaber would need at least 1.69 gigajoules of thermal energy and about 120,280 AA batteries.

Star Wars is fictional though so none of that really matters. But you can check out our review of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker here.

But while the good people over at the Hacksmith were unable to make a lightsaber, they did take a crack at making the “world’s first protosaber”.

The results were impressive, even if we wouldn’t be trying it at home.

Clip via the Hacksmith

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