WATCH: This video shows how bad Google Chrome is for your battery 6 years ago

WATCH: This video shows how bad Google Chrome is for your battery

We might give another browser a chance after watching this video.

Although it is probably the most used internet browser, it has long been discussed that Chrome is terrible for your battery.


In comparison to other browsers, Chrome actually uses up far more of your battery in a short space of time.

In recent years Google has made promises and attempts to improve this, but none of the previous fixes have made much of a difference.

Microsoft recently released a video, in which they tested several competitor browsers for battery life.

The company tested Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome and their own brower Microsoft Edge.


They streamed a video on each of the identical laptops to see which one would last the longest.

The laptop using Google Chrome died after just 4 hours 20 minutes, while the one using Microsoft Edge lasted over 7 hours. This means that Microsoft's browser lasted 70% longer than Google's.

Obviously the idea behind the video was to promote Microsofts browser and show that it lasts longer than its competitors but it is still interesting to see how quickly laptops die when using Chrome.


Clip via: Microsoft Edge