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03rd Oct 2011

Will the Zeo headband and iPhone app give you sleepless nights?

Unless it's Halloween and you're dressed as Rambo/vintage Andre Agassi, there's no good reason any self-respecting man should wear a headband. Or so we thought.


Unless it’s Halloween and you’re dressed as Rambo/vintage Andre Agassi, there’s no good reason any self-respecting man should wear a headband. Or so we thought.

By Emmet Purcell

As a writer that dabbles in both the tech and style sections, I’m understandably reluctant to recommend an app that involves the wearing of a headband unless one of two very specific conditions are met: 1. that the app is somehow Rambo-related or 2. it manages to blow my mind.

Luckily, that’s exactly what Zeo has done. According to the company’s blurb, “Zeo tracks how much REM and deep sleep you get each night and helps you discover personalised ways to get a better night’s sleep”.

If you’re confused, REM refers to the sleeping stage known as “rapid eye movement”, not the defunct band, although a few of their albums would send us into a pleasurable doze.

Zeo takes no responsibility for the hilarious things that might happen to you mid-sleep

The Zeo headband retails for just over €100 and requires downloading both the myZeo and Zeo Sleep Manager iPhone apps, which are free of charge.

The headband itself contains two silver patches that monitor your brain waves while you snooze, while the app turns the brain waves into a ‘ZQ’ score for how much sleep you either and whether it was predominantly REM or deep sleep.

As for the apps, the Zeo Sleep Manager is the “only consumer system that tracks all sleep phases and offers science-based solutions to everyday sleep issues. You’re also able to track and compare from ‘ZQ’ scores from one night to another, while the myZeo app features a personal sleep dashboard, a sleep graph, your ZQ breakdown, sleep trends and a calender.

So does it work? According to Zeo, 80% of their users reported improved sleep quality, while the inventor Ben Rubin even claims “Sleep has an amazing power. It can affect recovery from disease, your mental energy – even your sex life.”

OK Ben, now we’re interested. So while we would prefer if perhaps Zeo had chosen a more fashionable method of working its magic (no, a bandana wouldn’t cut it either), this is one app that is essential for anyone whose snoring has kept their other half up all night, for the less fun reason, obviously.

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