While we wait for the movie's sequel, here is our first proper look at the World War Z video game 4 years ago

While we wait for the movie's sequel, here is our first proper look at the World War Z video game

Movies based on games never work out. Games based on movies, however...

World War Z was released in cinemas back in 2013, and went on to make over $540 million at the box office, becoming the biggest hit in Brad Pitt's entire career.


The sequel has been in the works since then - first going to director J.A. Bayona (who left to direct Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom), and the latest word is that Pitt will be reuniting with his Se7en/Fight Club director David Fincher on the project - but while the movie was a success story, it was a pretty bad adaptation of the book it was based on.

Released in 2006, the book of World War Z remains one of the greatest horror books ever written, and if the movie had stuck to that plot... well, it wouldn't have worked at all. Realistically, it would require the biggest budget HBO could muster up for a mini-series to do it any justice, as it involved submarines, celebrity bunkers in Long Island, and an entire nation's population simply disappearing overnight.

We really recommend checking the book out if you haven't already, and on a related note, it looks like the developers of the upcoming World War Z video game will be focusing more on the book, too.

A four-player co-op game - not terribly unlike Left 4 Dead - with some heavy influences from Fortnite (if you're gonna steal, steal from the best... or at least the most popular), we find our characters hunkered down in Moscow, attempting to survive the hordes long enough for a rescue to arrive.


Moscow was one of the battlefields for the biggest all-out human versus zombie fight in the book, so if that is what the game has dropped us into the middle of, then consider us VERY excited. And scared.

Clip via WWZ Game

No word on an official release date yet, but it does look like it will be arriving on both PS4 and Xbox One soon enough. Next month's E3 Expo will most likely deliver some more concrete details, but fingers crossed they get it out before the other survivors versus massive hordes of zombie game, Dayz Gone, arrives in 2019.


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