A Galway man is renting out black bouncy castles for funerals 9 years ago

A Galway man is renting out black bouncy castles for funerals

An elderly family member has just passed away. You’re gutted and the rest of your relatives are devastated. It’s clearly a very sad time for all concerned.

So what’s the one thing that could make you all feel much, much better?


That’s right. A bouncy castle.

A black, funereal, bouncy castle.

While your Granda is off to enjoy himself in the big bouncy castle in the sky, you and the rest of the grandkids can now enjoy yourself on a real-life bouncy castle out the back garden.

There’s no need to feel deflated anymore because, according to a story in The Galway Advertiser, a local businessman has hit upon the novel idea of renting out a bouncy castle to entertain children at a funeral, all while the adults continue mourning in the house.


We thought that the story was a load of hot air but it turns out that it’s completely true, as you can see from the article below:

Kenneth Gilhooly has already provided the bespoke black bouncy castle service at eight funerals this summer, so it’s clear that people are dying to use the service.

Specially made to order in Hungary, Gilhooly explained that the Nylcro netting “acts as sort of light soundproofing to keep down the noise of children playing in it.” Because you want to the kids to have fun of course... but not too much mind you.


This is one businessman who certainly hasn’t let himself down during the recession anyway.

And here's the tune that JOE's granny was carried out of the church to. It's what she wanted.


Hat-tip to Fergal Fitzmaurice for sending this story our way