Did Paul Galvin nut impersonator Oliver Callan last night? 7 years ago

Did Paul Galvin nut impersonator Oliver Callan last night?

Kerry footballer and style icon Paul Galvin is being investigated by police over an alleged row with impersonator Oliver Callan in a Dublin pub. And apparently it was all over Gráinne Seoige.

The incident occurred in Kehoe’s pub on South Anne Street in Dublin last night and although no arrests have been made, an investigation into the incident is ongoing.

“We can confirm we are investigating an alleged incident between two men at approximately 11.40pm at a licensed premises on October 19,” a Garda spokesman told the Irish Independent today, but the spokesman would not comment on the individuals involved. (Big props to the Evening Herald's Kevin Doyle for breaking the story.)

The row is believed to have started after Callan began slagging Galvin over his relationship with once-hot-but-now-only-meh TV host Gráinne Seoige, which is believed to have blossomed in recent weeks.

Callan regularly targets the Kerry star on his ‘Green Tea’ satirical show on RTE Radio One and did so again recently in a popular sketch that featured Galvin urging Taoiseach Enda Kenny to man-up by giving him a body-wax.

Further details surrounding the incident remain sketchy at best, but somewhat predictably, the rumours are already flying around on Twitter, with one user suggesting that the row boiled over after Callan insulted Galvin’s shoes.

Speaking of Twitter, a look at Galvin’s own page gives a pretty revealing insight into his state of mind last night, even though his Twitter page is a tad cryptic at the best of times. In and around midnight, Galvin posted three tweets on his own page which read as follows:

“She gimme love love love love craaaaaaazy love.....?”

“@carmelbreheny just met the lovely caramel breheny !!! Happppppyyyyyyyy???”


This wouldn’t be the first time that Galvin has found himself the centre of attention for the wrong reasons.

Other examples of his notoriety include slapping a notebook out of a referee’s hand, fish-hooking Eoin Cadogan, allegedly throwing a duster at a student while he was a teacher in Killarney and perhaps, worst of all, wearing garish red socks in the aftermath of the Kingdom’s All-Ireland Final defeat to Dublin last month.

Saying that, he’s a seriously fit athlete and we wouldn’t like to come up against him one on one. We think there’s a fair chance poor old Oliver got Galvinized.