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Does this fish look like Homer Simpson?
We love stuff that looks like other stuff. The lastest thing that looks like another thing? Well Homer Simpson is being compared to a fish. Uncanny or just stupid?

We love stuff that looks like other stuff. Everyone remember the chicken nugget that looked like George Washington? And that hilarious website that shows the many, many similarities between Sarah Jessica Parker and a horse? Sheer genius.

The latest thing that looks like another thing comes in the form of the Stargazer fish. Given the helpful image above, we're pretty sure you can tell who the photographer thinks the fish looks like. Yep, Homer Simpson. You saw it coming, right?

Metro reports that the picture of the fish was taken by wildlife photographer Mark Webster during a dive in Indonesia. He claims that he spotted the similarity instantly.

“I immediately saw a resemblance to Homer Simpson with the bulging eyes and that slightly vacant look with its mouth open,” said Mark.

Mark had been looking for some odd fishes to photograph when he suddenly saw the Stargazer looking up at him. Hideous, isn’t it?

“I had seen Stargazers before at other locations in Indonesia but the desire to find one here was that the colour of the fish would contrast well with the dark volcanic sand,” he explained.

“I knew this would make the strange features stand out more. I’d asked my guide to help me find a Stargazer and eventually we succeeded,” he said.

Anyway what do you think? Does it resemble Homer Simpson or does it resemble a fish?


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