Easygoing gadget: Marshall amplifier fridge 11 years ago

Easygoing gadget: Marshall amplifier fridge

After a hard day of rocking out, you would be forgiven for wanting to reach for a refreshing drink. So why not take your drink from amplifier fridge?

Designed to look like an amp from the iconic Marshall Amplification brand, this "amp" opens up to reveal a fridge that holds 4.4 cubic feet for food and drinks. Ingenious eh?


Not only is the fridge built with classic Marshall parts, it acually features control knobs that in true Spinal Tap-style, go up to 11.

Interested? The official website for the fridge does include pricing details; rather it has a section in which you can enter your email address and nationality to express interest.

However, the folks at ThisIsWhyImBroke.com reckon that the fridge costs $399, which isn't too bad when you consider some of the more exorbitant and non-rock approved fridges that are out there.


As Marshall explain on their website: "The coolest icon in music just got cooler." No arguments here.