Every home to be hit with new broadcasting charge 8 years ago

Every home to be hit with new broadcasting charge

The government has unveiled plans to hit every home in the country with the new Public Service Broadcasting Charge

If you were thinking of ditching the TV to avoid the licence fee, then think again, because the government are introducing a new charge for every household that will still liberate your pocket of around €160, even if you don't have a magic viewing box.


According to The Independent there's no way you can avoid forking over the cash, as if you have any device that can pick up public information, then you have to pay the piper.

Pat Rabitte announced the charge today, and stated that it wouldn't exceed the current cost of the licence fee, but we'll believe that when we see it.

Apparently, nearly one in five households doesn't pay the licence fee, so the way in which they collect the fee could be similar to the property tax, making it pretty difficult to get out of.