Fire gets own back on Fire-station in Derry 9 years ago

Fire gets own back on Fire-station in Derry

Fire is a destructive element but it may have well-defined sense of irony after a Fire-station on in Limavady in Derry went ablaze this morning.

A local firefighter had to make a call to, well, other firefighters and stations after he raised the alarm just before 9 O’Clock this morning.


Fire-engines from nearby Dungiven Fire Station and Crescent Link Fire Station were quickly on the scene and snuffed out to fire just an hour later, without any injuries to anyone.

There was damage caused to the lecture room at the part-time station, but luckily the station has remained in operation and other protocols have been put in place to ensure no disruption to the quality of service in the area.

Afterwards a spokesperson said "We want to use this incident to emphasise that fire can happen to anyone at anytime in any building

"Fire doesn't discriminate and it shows the importance of thinking Fire Safety first, working smoke alarms and the swift actions of our local fire crews in protecting our whole community from the dangers of fire.”

It also shows that fire may have a drôle sense of humour at times.