Former Connacht & Munster rugby scrum half launches new illustration business 6 years ago

Former Connacht & Munster rugby scrum half launches new illustration business

Introducing: Care Free Frank…

Former-Connacht Rugby scrum half Frank Murphy has hung up his playing boots and picked up a digital pen to launch his new editorial illustrations, identity and branding company, ‘Care Free Frank’.


Murphy quietly juggled a BA in Graphic Design part-time while also pursuing a full time professional rugby career with Connacht Rugby. Frank retired at the end of last season, so he set his sights on launching his own design business.

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A sample of Frank Murphy's work on

Speaking about his new career path, Murphy said: “I’ve always enjoyed art and design but because I played professional rugby straight out of school, I never looked at it as more than a hobby.

“Only when I started thinking about life after rugby, I decided to pursue my interest in this area further as a business. My passion is illustration and I get a real joy out of seeing my work published, whether online or in print.

“It may not give you the same buzz as the atmosphere of a full rugby stadium, but it is certainly up there”.

Frank Murphy. Photo:Andrew Downes


So where did the name ‘Care Free Frank’ come from?

“Throughout my playing career, I felt a little misunderstood on the rugby pitch, often being referred to as ‘Cranky Franky’ by teammates and opposition players alike.

“Whilst this has never bothered me, I decided that by branding myself and my business as Care Free, I can start my life as a creative on a more positive note”.

Fair play to Frank on his new venture and we wish him the best of luck.

You can check out more of Frank’s work over on his official website