German women's World Cup team get them out for the lads 10 years ago

German women's World Cup team get them out for the lads

Well, not quite. But they have still done a very provocative shoot for the German edition of Playboy ahead of their hosting of the forthcoming Women’s World Cup.

Thankfully, there’s a video available for those of you want to have a closer look and contrary to the negative perception of female footballers, there’s a few beautiful frauleins in there in various uber-suggestive poses, such as pouring water over very see-through skimpy outfits and some ball-juggling in their underwear.


The ladies were participating in the shoot in order to increase interest in the forthcoming women’s World Cup, which begins on 26 June. They’ve certainly piqued interest in a previously indifferent JOE office and are bound to attract a few more male followers thanks to their saucy efforts.

As the top-ranked team in world football, the German women will fancy their chances of going all the way in competition. After the obligatory defeat of the English on penalties in the semi-final of course.